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When Porsche launched the Cayenne in 2002 it didn't take long for it to become the company's best selling model. What is often considered a vehicle for suburban soccer-moms, it was engineered for so much more. Coming standard with a locking center differential, low range gearing and more than 10" of ground clearance, the Cayenne makes for an incredible platform for your next adventure rig.

380 Industries was started before there was even a name for the company. While preparing the Safari 911’s for the Keen Project, Bryson Richards asked Lehman Keen if he could build a support truck for the Appalachian Adventure trip that is held every year for his clients. With his blessing, off he went. Since then, 380 Industries has innovated, tested, broken and improved to create the best in class off-road Cayennes available in the United States.


380 Industries has pushed the boundaries on overland and adventure rigs based on the Porsche Cayenne and continues to set the trends and come up with new products and procedures that further the platform and its capabilities. From fabrication, to paint and installation, everything is done in house with the majority of products only available through a personalized commission build.

With 380 Industries, it’s not just about the rig, it’s the friends and fellowship that develops over the course of the build and the adventures after.


To further separate 380 Industries from the rest, each build is made a little different; customized to suit each Cayenne as we develop the relationship with the owner. We make everything in house from gas tank skids and rock sliders through bumper bars and a hidden winch that fits effortlessly behind the bumper. Should you want a custom exhaust, we also offer tubular rear bumpers.


We worked closely with MCS to develop the only system available that is new from the ground up. We didn’t just take an off the shelf unit or try to force an application, that was never intended for a Cayenne. We completely dissembled all components of the suspension and measured everything with MCS to get the most out of the factory suspension. We had MCS build in a lift that can accommodate one to three inches in just the coil over as well we have increased bump and droop travel without over extending what Porsche designed.

We furthered the capabilities of the suspension by offering three different levels of adjustability that can dial in the ride for your trip out and while on the trails.

The end result is our proprietary 380 MCS coilovers, available exclusively through 380 Industries.


Having full paint and restoration facility in-house, we can also discuss painting and further setting your rig apart.


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